Our surroundings

Walking and cycling

Clearly. The surrounding area is interwoven with a number of marked paths and trails (click here).

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The main attraction for you will be the blooming meadows here, the field paths with a slight elevation leading through the deep forests full of romantic trails.

Konstantinovy Lazne. One of the smallest spas for “heart and movement" surrounded by forest park. The spring Prusík, the sour water of the 40 m deep with the highest carbon dioxide content throughout the Czech Republic, you just have to taste. The spa has a varied cultural and social life with a number of festivals and summer scene.

A 5,3 km long inline / cycling trail runs around the spa. The base is a roughly three-kilometer circuit from Staré Lázně, which are connected with Polžice and Bezdružice.

The nearby Teplá Monastery, Bečov nad Teplou, Mariánské Lázně and Kynžvart Spa are also worth a visit.

Who does not love their specific romantic atmosphere? The castles of Gutstejn, Falkenstejn, Volfstejn and Svamberk are linked to the Middle Ages, and the chateau in Bezdruzice is situated on the site of the original fortress.
The revolt of the village is reminiscent of the rotunda on Ovci (Sheep) hill. An unrepeatable spell has the pilgrimage site of Sipin with the old terrace cemetery. The troubled history of Sudeten is reminiscent of a number of defunct mills and border fortification bunkers.

There are several breeding ponds. We consider Zajeci nearby Resin as the most picturesque and for fishing. On the contrary, we recommend to visit the natural lake – flooded Hradissky hill.