Our homestead

If you stay with us, you should know that the cottage having a small farm.

We breed sheep, goats, chickens and geese. They graze behind a barn or near by a cottage. The herd is originally based on two merino sheep Klakson and Marilyn, who already have several children  named “pidiKlaksony" and “pidiMeryliny".

The heard contains also two goats Oldřich and Božena and the goose Mr. Husák.

Our hens, last year's cage girls, rescued from farming, are laying eggs for us.

This year we started to beekeeping. Now, having two hives.

Behind the cottage we have a small field. Our crop is based on potatoes. We grow vegetables in a glass greenhouse. Gradually rejuvenate and expand the orchard.

You will never see us with a mower. We believe in a garden full of herbs, pollinated by bees and planted with traditional Czech flowers.